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 Post subject: Class of 81' from 1978 yearbook...
PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:37 pm 

Joined: Sat Feb 26, 2005 3:29 pm
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Location: Monterey, California
I thought I'd list the class of 81 from my last MAHS yearbook which is from 1978. :?

Warren Abrams
Sarah Adams
Dimitri Avaloff
Tom Bartos
Larry Biegel
Dave Binnarr
Michelle Blanchette
Ralph Blanchette
Kellie Bohannon
David Bonner
Janet Borden
David Brewer
Kathy Brown
Maxine Bryant
Brenda Castle
Karen Charette
Jeff Coddington
Becky Collins
Bill Collins
Sefan Coulter
Linda Cranford
Gwen Cressman
Sandy Davis
David Dawson
Mike Dragon
Mary Drake
John Dunford
Mike Echard
Chirstine Edgehill
Pat Etheredge
Peter Everett
Chris Eways
Rob Faubel
Mark Fedun
Andy Fenlon
Killi Fields
Mike Flynn
Phillipe Fraser
Fred Fritts
Lee Ganske
Becky Garcia
Doug Garner
Mike Garner
Marty Gibbs
Steve Gooding
David Gregory
Molly Gremmels
Judy Hacker
Bobby Hagan
Carla Hampton
Lisa Hattrup
Jennifer Haupt
Barbara Hintz
Paul Hoffen
Joe Holmond
Amy Hopkins
Robert Ivey
Mary Jacobs
Juantina Juarez
Bill Keith
Peggy Kereszturi
Frank Kerns
Mike Kulcsar
Chris Lajoie
Pier-Marie Langecker
Kevin Law
Kirsten Lodge
Peter Martin
Katrina Matthews
Mike May
Paul Mayer
Troy McDaniel
Susan McNatt
Joan Metzler
Dawn Miller
Michael Miller
Ronica Mills
Eddie Minor
Karin Morgan
Geraldine Morris
Christina Mowry
Ted Nashold
Kim Neilson
Jeff Nollette
Adolphine O'Connell
Deirdre O'Connell
Dave Owens
Tim Partain
George Paschal
Scott Passerello
Betsy Paul
Ildiko Paxon
Gina Peverini
Martha Pohl
Dan Powers
Mike Rautter
Robin Rea
Bud Reason
John Richardson
Ellie Romano
Andy Rose
Cami Roy
Stacey Sanford
Dominic Schiavona
Micahel Schultz
Donald Shiles
Debbie Shorke
Dave Shorten Kelly Simon
Nancy Singleton
Charles Spiering
Heidi Stager
Susan Stauffer
Winston Stephen
Jennifer Strockbine
Donna Tapp
Nadja Tasner
Christine Tate
Nicholas Taylor
Debbie Thornton
Teri Tosti
Louis Towley
Allen Trench
Stephanie Turczynski
Jan Van Gorkum
Ferando Velazquez
Emily Vickery
Kathy Wagner
Claudia Williams
Michelle Williamson
Russ Wilson
nancy Maloney
Andy Wolter
Steven Wood
Maurice Zepeda
John Zoubra

Dawn Miller Rinehart
Class of 81

 Post subject: Here is the list from the 81 yearbook.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 12:43 am 

Joined: Mon Feb 07, 2005 11:35 pm
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Location: Martin County, Florida
Terry Amos
Dimitri Avaloff*
Allan Bagnall
Greg Bangor
Mariusz Bankowski
Pam Bergstrom
Miriam Braun
Becky Buriff (Living in Colorado last I heard)
Denise Buss
Jimmy Carey
Susan Carpenter
Petra Claus
James Cole
Stefan Coulter*
Ann Cowan
Gwen Cressman*
Cyndi Davidson
Cony Dickerson
Mike Dillon
Jorg Droll
Jeff Dygert
Peter Everett*
Chris Eways*
Beth Fish
Wade Greene
Barbara Gruber
Jennifer Haupt*
Nika Herus
Monique Hollis
Jon Holt
Janette Housley
Paul Howard
Sharon Jackson
Sabine Janussek
Susie Kalxdorff
Caryl Karcher
Tim Kelley
Nick Koukourakis
Michael Krey
Mike Kulesar
Linda Largent
Ray Lee
Eric Lemar
Richard Loomis
Derek Maguire
Todd Margotta
Derick Marsh
Gary Mawby
Linda McCoy
Chris Mende
Reinaldo Mercado
Alex Migala
Mike Miller*
Figen Mir
Vildan Mir
Angela Morrell
Christina Mowry*
Kim Neilson
Don Parrish
George Paschal
Betsy Paul*
Tim Peach
Alice Peek
Steven Pick
Martha Pohl*
Lisa Purnell
Peggy Raab
Kathy Rogers
Ellie Romano*
Stacey Sanford*
Mercedes Santos
Jerry Schlarb
Glenn Seymour
Debbie Shorke*
Nancy Singleton*
Kim Smith
Leonard Smith
Heidi Stager*
Brent Standlee
Erica Swenson
Nadja Tasner*
Nicky Taylor*
Teri Tosti*
Stephanie Turczynski*
Betti Wajngarten
Tom Williams
Michelle Wizansky
Andy Wolter*
Todd Wright
April Youngman
Stephen Zafer
John Zoubra*

* Also listed in the 78 yearbook

 Post subject: Thanks
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 12:57 am 

Joined: Sat Feb 26, 2005 3:29 pm
Posts: 37
Location: Monterey, California

Thanks for the 81 yearbook update. I'm amazed at how many stayed in Munich to graduate. I sure wish I would have been a Munich graduate. I graduated 1/2 a year early stateside and didn't go back to march with my class. My diploma was mailed to me. I hated my stateside school.

Would you mind checking your 79 and 80 yearbooks and see if Susan Stauffer was in either one, and same years for Kurt Buettner. I'd appreciate the info.

Thanks again.

Dawn Miller Rinehart
Class of 81

 Post subject: Susan and Kurt
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:39 am 
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Joined: Mon Dec 13, 2004 11:05 am
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Location: Boston-ish
Hi Dawn,

Susan is in both the '79 and '80 MNEMONIC. Kurt is in neither.

If you check out this site:

reproductions of MNEMONICs are becoming available.

Take care.

Tony Savageau
Class of '82

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